Tennis star Novak Djokovic’s legal victory in the vaccine case, the Australian government had cancelled the visa

After spending five nights in an Australian detention centre, world No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic has received a huge relief. His visa will not be revoked, according to the court.

The world number one player was detained at the airport when he came in Melbourne to defend his championship. The visa has been withdrawn. Djokovic was likewise unable to break through. He had to stay in the correctional centre for five nights. He has now received a major victory from the court in the corona vaccination case.

Visa cancellation orders

The judges decided in Djokovic’s favour and refused to terminate his visa during this crucial hearing on Monday. In addition, it was determined to transfer him from the detention institution to another location right away.  As a consequence, Djokovic, the current champion and nine-time winner, will defend his title at the Australian Open for the tenth time.

Australian government still adamant

The Australian government’s Home Minister, despite the court’s verdict, refuses to accept defeat. He says that the Australian government still has the power to remove Djokovic. Everyone is subject to the same regulations and restrictions, and the visa may be cancelled as a consequence. A decision will be made swiftly in this situation

Australian Open to start from January 17

In Belgrade, Djokovic’s followers organised a rally in his support, which included his parents. The Australian Open will begin on January 17th.’Today was the big day,’ Djokovic’s mother, Yana Djokovic, said. The truth was broadcast to the entire globe today. He also accused Djokovic of inhumane treatment at the same time. ‘Novak did not even have breakfast at the motel where he was confined,’ his mother stated. He was unable to leave the room or gaze out the window towards the park.’

What is the whole matter?

When he landed in Melbourne on December 5th, the Australian government cancelled his visa because he did not meet the criteria for medical exemption under the Corona Vaccination Rules.

Because both doses of Covid-19 are necessary for all visitors to Australia. Djokovic, on the other hand, said he didn’t need to provide a vaccination certificate since he had documentation that he tested positive for corona last month and had antibodies. The revocation of Djokovic’s expulsion and visa was then contested in Australia’s Federal Circuit and Family Court.


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