Meetings and N.G.O.

NGOs ensure development, which entails the engagement of all people on an equal footing. They are vital in informing and encouraging people to fight for their rights. Every NGO is required by law to hold meetings on a regular basis. This article will explain the concept of meeting in a simple manner. General Body Meeting All … Read more

Resolution and N.G.O.

NGOs are playing an important role in the development of Nation. Resolution is very important part of the functioning of NGOs. For example, when NGO has to open a bank account then bank demand the copy of resolution. Most people are confused about resolution. They do not know about it. It is not a very … Read more

Amendment of Trust Deed

It’s important to remember that the trustees don’t have the right to change the trust deed by default. Even the settler, for that matter, has no power to change the agreement later. The authority to amend is limited to the extent set forth in the trust deed. As a result, trust deed drafting is vital, … Read more


Description Society Trust Association not for Profit(Company) Relevant Act for registration/incorporation The Societies Registration Act, 1860. Only the Trust Deed is registered under the Registration Act,1908. Companies Act,2013. Ease of formation Relatively simple, it make take 1-2 months. Very simple, it may take a week. Relatively complicated, it may be registered in a month. Authority … Read more

Legal Framework of NGOs in India

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) do not exist for a profit motive. These organisations do the work which ought to have been done by the government. The purpose and intent of these organisations is not to work with any profit motive and hence are also known as Non-Profit Organisations(NPO). However, they may have some profit-making activity provided … Read more