Questions on Hindu Law

In family law, we study hindu law and muslim law. This post contain the questions which can be asked on hindu law. Examiner frame the question paper by using these questions. Question No. 1.:- Enumerate the various schools of Hindu Law and explain how did they arise? Question No. 2.:-Describe the various schools of Hindu … Read more

How can a fake will be challenged in court?

Will is the last wish of any person. If a person has earned any money and that money is split between his movable and immovable property, he or she may make a will about that property while still alive. A person’s decision regarding his property during his lifetime constitutes a will, and that decision must … Read more

Divorce by Mutual Consent

Know All About Drafting, Pleadings and Conveyancing

In our nation, Hindu marriage is both religious and legal. If you are unhappy with your marriage and wish to terminate it, you have the legal right to divorce. Mutual divorce and unilateral divorce petitions are the two forms of divorce (Contested Divorce). Both parties, i.e. husband and wife, agree to separate and end the … Read more