Bail can be granted in NDPS Act cases on ground of undue delay in trial despite stringent conditions in Section 37 : Supreme Court

Bail can be granted in NDPS Act cases on ground of undue delay in trial despite stringent conditions in Section 37

The Supreme Court has held that undue delay in trial can be a ground to grant bail to an accused, despite the rigours of Section 37 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985. A division bench of Justices S Ravindra Bhat and DipankarDatta, while granting bail to an undertrial prisoner arrested seven years ago for allegedly … Read more

Crime and Economic Development in India

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Crime is an index of the economic development of a country. The more industrialised and developed is a country, the higher is the level of criminality and vice versa (for example, U.S.A.). As a shadow follows the person, crime may follow prosperity. India, as one of the developing countries, is also displaying patterns similar to … Read more

Distinction between Deviance, Crime and Sin

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In a society people have norms, beliefs, customs and traditions which are implicitly accepted by its members as conducive to their well-being and healthy all-round development. Infringement of these cherished norms and customs is condemned as anti-social. Thus many a writer has. defined the term ‘crime’ as anti-social, immoral or sinful, deviant behaviour. Deviance v … Read more

Concept of Crime

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Since the dawn of human civilization, crime has been a baffling problem. There is hardly any society which is without the problem of crime Violation of norms and rules do occur in a society. Durkheim in his book Crime as a Natural Phenomenon said : “A society composed of persons with angelic qualities would not … Read more

Crime and Social policy

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The concept of crime is closely related to social policy of a given time. With changes in ideologies or values, the concept of crime also changes. What is crime today may become a permissible conduct tomorrow and vice versa. For example, abortion which was considered to be heinous crime because of the immorality involved in … Read more

Criminal Liability of Minor

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Sec. 82 and 83 of Indian Penal Code deals with criminal liability of minor. According to Sec. 82, an act of a child under seven years is no offence. It is to be noted that this immunity is not confined to offences under the Code only , but extends to offences under any special or … Read more