Draft of an Agreement for Sale of a House

Draft of an Agreement for Sale of a House

An agreement to sell is not a sale. It is less than a sale. It cannot be treated as a complete transfer or conveyances. Upon the execution of an agreement to sell, the ownership of the immovable property does not pass on to the buyer. An agreement to sell is said to have been executed, … Read more

How to draft an Arbitration Agreement?

Arbitration Agreement

Section 7 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act defines arbitration agreement.
An Arbitration Agreement is formed when two parties enter into a contract and agree in writing that any disputes arising between them out of that contract will have to be resolved without going to the courts and with the assistance of a neutral person: a third party appointed by both of the parties, known as the Arbitrator, who would act as a judge and whose decision will be binding upon the parties.

Draft of Apprenticeship Agreement

The primary objective of the Apprentices Act 1961 was to train people as apprentices and give them an exposure to the employee work culture. The government felt the need that such apprentices if given proper training with proper amenities, they will have an insight to the real life working of employees which will give them … Read more

Deed of Guarantee

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An agreement to assume responsibility for another person’s mortgage obligations in the event of that person’s default is known as a deed of guarantee. It is typically employed when a lender has concerns regarding a borrower’s capacity to repay mortgage installments and calls for the loan to be guaranteed by a second party, typically one … Read more