Draft of General Power of Attorney to Prosecute Court Cases

A person give General Power of Attorney(GPA) to handle court cases on his/her behalf. It is a document that empowers a person to appear on behalf of another person for matters related to court cases.

Format of General Power of Attorney to Prosecute Court Cases

Know all men by these presents that I,____________ , S/o Shri ____________, R/o ______________ do hereby appoint my friend Shri____________________, S/o Late Shri________________________, R/o__________________________ as my attorney in my name and on my behalf to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things in connection with teh said suit:

1. To engage or appoint any legal practioner to conduct the said matter;

2. To sign verify the pleadings on my behalf;

3. To prosecute the Petition/suit in all respects for on behalf of me;

4. To make and present to the court any application in connection with any proceedings in teh suit/petition;

5. To produce or summon or receive back documentary evidence;

6. To make and file compromise or a confession of judgment and to refer the case to arbitration;

7. To file an application for execution of a decree or order passed in the said suit and to sign and verify such application.

8. To apply for inspection and inspect documents and records;

9. To depose on behalf of Petitioner;

10. To obtain copies of documents and papers; and

11. Generally to do all other lawful acts necessary for the conduct of teh said case.

And I hereby agree that all acts, deeds and things lawfully done by my said attorney shall be construed as acts, deeds adn things done by me and I undertake to rafitfy and confirm all and whatsoever my said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done for me by virtue of the power hereby given.

In witness hereof I have signed this deed on this____________day of ________________.





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