Petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to declare the delivery or promise of free goods as a bribe during elections

In the Supreme Court, a petition has been filed to de-recognize political parties that provide or promise to distribute free gifts to entice voters ahead of elections. Political parties giving or sending monetary gifts to voters before elections, according to the petitioner, has an influence on free and fair elections.

The Election Commission and the Central Government are cited as defendants in this case. Petitioner Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a petition in the Supreme Court, alleging that the promise of free gifts or the distribution of free products from public funds is made to entice voters ahead of elections. It is an attempt to sway and entice voters, and it is against free and fair elections. The electoral process is tainted as a result of this. According to the petitioner, this violates the concept of equal opportunity in elections. Giving and proposing free presents by political parties, according to the petitioner, is an effort to garner voters and is a kind of bribery.

According to the petitioner, the offer of free presents delivered in this manner could be considered bribery since it impacts voters. Political parties should not be allowed to promise or give such free presents. The Petitioners have asked the Supreme Court to rule that the promise and distribution of free prior to elections from public monies has an impact on free and fair elections, and that it undermines the basic premise of free and fair elections. It also pollutes the voting process as well.

The Shiromani Akali Dal recently agreed to deliver Rs 2,000 per month to women above the age of 18, while the Aam Aadmi Party promised Rs 1,000 per month, according to the petitioner. Women would receive 2 thousand rupees every month from Congress, as well as 8 cylinders per year for housewives.  The Congress in Uttar Pradesh has promised to give smart phones to 12th-grade girls and scootys to college-bound girls. Women would receive a Rs 15,000 pension, and every home will receive 300 units of power each month, according to promise from the Smajwadi Party.


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