Elementary Problems Associated with Detection of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing criminal activities which is rampant around the world. In cyber crime, the victim might never know who the attacker is since all is done over the Internet. The boom in Internet usage by the common man has made commission of cyber crimes increasing at an exponential rate.

  1. Cyber crime evolves with time-One of the impediments in preventing cyber crimes is that it evolves with times. If one comes up with a counter move to the attacks, the next attack will be improvised. Every day, a new form of cyber crime emerges. Some of these are web jacking, salami attack, email spoofing, data diddling, multi-staged attacks, cyber squatting, etc.
  2. Anonymity-The criminals use different name when they are in the Internet. Therefore, the criminals do not give any consideration to ethics and morals. The cyber criminals, unlike other criminals, can achieve perfect anonymity.
  3. Absence of comprehensive law-One of the main lacunae as regards cyber crime is the absence of comprehensive law anywhere in the world. The problem is further aggravated due to disproportional growth ratio of Internet and cyber laws. Though a step has been taken since the enactment of I. T. Act, 2000, and amendments made to Indian Penal Code, problems associated with cyber crimes continue to persist.
  4. Jurisdiction-Jurisdiction is the highly debatable issue as to the maintainability of any suits, which has been filed. Today with the growing arms of cyber space, the territorial boundaries seem to vanish.
  5. Lack of evidence-Loss of evidence is a very common and expected problem as all the data are routinely destroyed. Further, collection of data outside the territorial extent also paralyses the system of crime investigation.


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